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Single Package Shipments

Most businesses operate on a traditional pick, pack, and ship methodology, one which CMS excels in handling. There are certain business models, however, where that method is not the most efficient. If you consider a business like QVC or the Home Shopping Network where you are receiving high volumes of single product orders, and in many cases those items are already packed and ready to ship just waiting on a label. There's no need to pick and pack such orders, you really just need an efficient way to generate labels for them. To facilitate this specialized fulfillment methodology for higher volume shippers we’ve developed CMS's Staging Module.

A Better Way

With the Staging Module you’re presented with a completely different interface allowing you to fulfill by product instead of by order. We call it Staging because of its ability to facilitate a staging area for package preparation. When products are selected to be “staged”, CMS not only print all of the associated shipping labels but also a master picking report that can tell you which items to pull to the staging area to facilitate any packing (if needed) and labeling.

If you configure these products as kits, your staging reports can include packing materials as well so you know that you need to pull X boxes, Y inserts, and Z items to the staging area where all items are packaged and labeled.

This method of operation is not practical for normal pick/pack/ship companies but if your business is shipping high volumes of single ‘ship-in-own-box’ type products or kits, the Staging Module can transform your operation into a well oiled product fulfillment machine, greatly increasing your bandwidth to process higher volumes of shipments.


  • Create Staging Sessions to process single products or many
  • Save common product groupings to quickly recreate similar sessions
  • Generate session specific reporting
  • Print other documents in addition to shipping labels
  • Track the status of each package in the session including if it was processed, printed, labeled, and shipped.
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