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You trust CMS to help you manage all of your order processing logistics for mail, phone, and internet orders. The same efficient and reliable solutions in CMS are also available for your retail point of sale (POS) storefront. We have streamlined the order entry process and enhanced it to handle situations unique to POS. These enhancements and supported hardware are described in our Features list below. This is all done with the same CMS interface you know, and in a matter of minutes, you'll be able to process retail orders in a snap!


  • Product UPC codes can be entered or scanned in Order Entry
  • Calculate change (for cash as well as other payment methods you allow cash back on over-payments for)
  • Credit card "swipe" mag-stripe reader
  • Open a cash drawer on sale completion
  • Print order and charge receipts to a small local thermal printer or print your full-size invoice
  • Print gift receipts
  • Maintain cash drawer sessions, checking drawers in and out, drawer closing report
  • Receive stock on the fly for items presented that have not been received into CMS
  • Pole display for the customer to see product descriptions, prices, order total, amount tendered, and change back
  • Shippable POS orders - A counter sale where the customer wants you to ship to someone
  • Option to redirect POS charges to a separate Retail merchant account so you can take advantage of card present processing rates
  • Option to maintain and pull inventory from a warehouse (store) dedicated to POS stock or have the inventory shared with your mail order warehouse
  • Supported hardware includes barcode scanner w/stand, credit card swipe, electronic cash drawer, thermal receipt printer, and pole display
  • Gift card activation, reloading, and redeeming (CMS TEN only)

Minimum Requirements

At each location where you will want to process POS transactions you must have the following in place to use the POS Module with CMS

  • CMS workstation installed on a computer (your keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitor) that meets our CMS System Requirements
  • Network connection to your CMS server
  • Internet connection - Required for credit card processing and address validation if used


The following items are not yet supported by CMS's POS Module but are being considered for future releases:

  • Debit cards with PIN entry
  • EMV
  • Apple Pay
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Tablet interface

Tech Info For POS Module Users

Software Settings

  1. Set up Customer Carryout shipping method and assign as the default method in Order Entry>POS
  2. Create a shipping formula of B+M with a base charge of $0
  3. Update the Customer Carryout shipping method to use that formula and check the box to 'Take Precedence over Price Category'

This configuration will ensure that no shipping charges are assigned to POS orders that do not ship.

Hardware Setup

Card Swipe Config

Magtek 21040102 default settings are:

  • Vendor ID - 2049
  • Product ID - 2
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