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The steps below outline how to export a list of customer names and e-mail addresses from CMS into a simple text file. This file is perfectly suited for importing into eCMS.

Setting up the mail list export in CMS

  1. Click Customers->Mail List->Export from Mail List.
  2. Next to the Layout To Use drop-down box, click Setup.
    1. Give the layout a name.
    2. Immediately below, change the Record Separator to CR/LF.
    3. Change the Field Separator to a | character (the pipe: Shift-\).
    4. Click the Add Field button.
    5. Click the Field button just below, and select the First Name field.
    6. Repeat the 2 steps immediately above for the Last Name and Email Address fields.
    7. Click Save, then Close.
  3. Select your new layout from the drop-down.
  4. Choose a destination file named with a .txt extension.
  5. Next to the Use Filter drop-down box, click the triple-dot button.
    1. Give the filter a name.
    2. Select the criteria you'd like to use in this filter.
    3. Click Save, then Close.

Running the mail list export

  1. Select your new layout and filter from the drop-down menus.
  2. Click Run Export.
  3. A popup will tell you how many records were exported, and the file location as a reminder.
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