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This article discusses how to resolve or prevent an error (Error999) when sending a Crystal form (e.g. invoice) via email or exporting it out to PDF.

What is causing this error?

We have identified a problem with Windows Update KB3102429 and its interaction with Crystal Reports. Specifically, if this Windows update is present on your system, attempting to send a Crystal form as an email attachment, or export to PDF, from CMS you may see the following error message:

Error999 Error in File (Path to file name) Operation not yet implemented Execute <PEStartPrintJob>

Do I need this Windows update?

This Windows update adds support for the Azerbaijani Manat and the Georgian Lari currency symbols. If those currency symbols are not important to you, you don't need to install the update. If you've already installed it, the related Windows update can be safely uninstalled.

While there is no obvious reason for this Windows update to impact Crystal, it appears Microsoft has also updated/replaced many of their fonts, including Ariel, as part of the currency symbol update. We believe this is causing the problem with Crystal. We're trying to get additional information from Microsoft and SAP (Crystal) about how to solve or work around this problem more permanently.

NOTE: In some editions of Windows this is flagged as an optional Windows update so would never have been automatically installed. In others, however, it is flagged as an "Important" update so will continue to appear in your list of recommended updated. Thankfully Microsoft allows you to hide unwanted updates (see below).

More information about this update can be found on Microsoft's site -

How to fix the problem

To fix this issue you will need to uninstall this one particular Windows Update from your system. To do so please follow the instructions below:

  • Open Installed Updates by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then, under Programs and Features, clicking View installed updates.
  • In the Search Bar at the top right type in KB3102429
  • Select the update KB3102429 and then click Uninstall. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Once this Windows update is removed, you'll be able to send your emails with attached invoices as well as export forms/reports to PDF again.

How to prevent the problem

To prevent Windows from prompting you to install this update in the future you will want to "hide" this update. This is a right-click option and is explained in the Microsoft article -

Control Panel > Windows Updates > View Important Updates > Right click on the Update > Select Hide Update.


The issue and fix described here are related to Crystal Reports, a third-party reporting solution deployed with CMS, and your Windows operating system. The issue is not caused by CMS nor can it be resolved by modifications to CMS (i.e. a CMS update).

The instructions to resolve this conflict between Windows and Crystal are derived from the Microsoft page and this information is provided as-is. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM before uninstalling a Windows update. If you have any issue with uninstalling this update, please contact Microsoft directly.

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