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As part of your website hosting, you have the ability to send out email blasts to predefined lists of customers. These can be special offers, regularly-scheduled newsletters, special bulletins, or anything else designed to go to a group that isn't specific to any one person. In general, any email where you're sending the same copy to multiple people should probably be sent through the email blast system (or a third-party service) rather than your personal email account. Email blast servers are generally specifically identified by their network providers as senders of authorized large-group email campaigns so they are less likely to be flagged as spam; the email server/domain hosting your personal account very likely is not identified as such.

Creating and sending email blasts

Create and send email blasts

Managing mailing lists

Exporting customer emails from CMS for use with email blasts

Export CMS customer list in CV3 format

Importing an email list into a CV3 customer group

Import CV3 email list

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