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This article shows how to export the members of an eCMS customer group for use with an external mail service.

Running the Marketing List Export

  1. Log into your eCMS admin and click through to your store.
  2. Expand the Marketing menu and click on Email Campaigns.
  3. Near the top of the page and second from the left, click on Email List Management.
  4. The relevant section on this page is the second section down, Export Marketing List:
    • Enter a date range if you want to filter the list by date, or leave both start and end date blank to export all customers in the selected group(s).
    • In the Customer Type box, select the customer group whose members you want to include in the export. Hold down the [CTRL] key and click multiple groups to select more than one to include in the export.
    • Change the Name Column drop-down to Two Columns.
    • Check the box to include customer address information if available. If you want to include both opt-in and opt-out customers, check both boxes (recommended).
    • Click Export List.

Downloading the data file

After completing the export configuration above, you should be sent to a page containing a download link.

  1. Click on the Download Marketing List link near the bottom of the text displayed, and save the file when prompted.
    • If using Internet Explorer you may need to right-click on the download link and choose Save As....
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