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Products should be added to eCMS through the product upload in CMS. This will make sure the product descriptions in CMS and eCMS are consistent and up to date. You can manually add products to eCMS as well but this is not the preferred method.


From CMS

Mark the Product as an eCMS Product

Select a product or create a new product and then click on the Inventory - Warehouse - Vendor button and place a check mark in the eCMS Product box. Make sure you filled out all of the fields (price, weight, tax category, inventory, etc).

Image:Ecms mark as ecms.jpg

Add Web Description and Web Text

Click on the Catalog/Web tab and fill out the Web Description and Web Text fields. Once you have completed these steps you can now save the product.

Image:Ecms text description.jpg

Uploading Products to eCMS

Once you have filled out the appropriate fields and saved the product, click on the eCMS Product Upload button circled below.

Image:Ecms upload button.jpg

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