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Screenshot of adding a new affiliate.

Affiliate programs are ways are marketing tools you can use to promote your site. There are three types of Affiliate programs currently available in eCMS (Affiliates, Refer-A-Friend, and E-Party). Affiliate programs use a small code at the end of a link to track referrers to your site. Ex:, where code is the affiliate code assigned to a particular affiliate. To add an Affiliate login to your eCMS control panel and go to Reporting >> Incentive Programs >> Add Incentive Program.

Name: Their name

Affiliate Code: this is what they will use to send people to your site. The code will allow you to track the orders they are responsible for. You make this code. Ex:[code], where [code] is the affiliate code assigned to a particular affiliate

Email of Report Recipient: set the email address where they want the affiliate report to be sent to. This will show them the stats for their code only.

Commission Rate: set how much you plan to give them per visit or sale

Send monthly report? Check this if you want to send the report to them.

Web Address: Their site domain name if they have one

Check Payable To: Who do they want their earnings check to go to

Address info

Affiliates can have access to their commission and statistics for the last 12 months. All you need to do is give the affiliate a password and send them to Affiliate Section Password:

Retype Affiliate Section Password:

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