9.0 Upgrade Plan

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  • Review the 9.0 Release Notes
  • Do you have custom reports or forms? If so, please consider installing a test version of 9.0 to confirm they will work with 9.0 and its many database changes. If there are any issues, please contact NewHaven Software Support to contract any necessary fixes.
  • Do you have custom integrations? NewHaven will keep all standard integrations current including those with UPS, FedEx, Endicia, Peachtree, and payment gateways. If you have developed any integrations of your own, please consider installing a test version of 9.0 to confirm they will continue to work. Please contact NewHaven Support if you'd like assistance with setting up or updating your test environment.
  • Fulfill all pending catalog requests
  • Download the 9.0 update and get your v9 release code from Support Downloads


  1. Get everyone out of CMS (TIP: delete the file CMSNET.dat to confirm all users are logged out)
  2. Update your server - This process should take ~10 min when upgrading from 8.0. It will take much longer for upgrades from 7.0. Upgrades from versions earlier than 7.x are not supported and, in such cases, an intermediate update to 8.0 will be necessary.
    1. Verify you can log into CMS without error
  3. Update workstations (required if updating from v7, optional for v8 but recommended to update Help file)
    1. Update Help - If not performing workstation updates, you should instead copy the file CMS.chm to all workstations' \NewHaven Software directory from \NewHaven Software on your server

After Install


  • If you accept catalog requests you'll need to:
  1. Tell CMS which of your catalogs are active if you have more than one defined (all are marked as active during the 9.0 upgrade and you may want to make some inactive so users cannot select them when entering a catalog request)
  2. If you import catalog requests, you'll need to tell CMS which of your catalogs to associate with each import order source - Setup>Fulfillment>Import Sources and Plug-Ins>Import Options


Settings to consider which will enable new 9.0 features:

  • Arrival Dates and Cheapest - http://screencast.com/t/neoCUVPEeE
  • Package Exceptions - If you have shipping methods that you use but do not want CMS to offer as a suggested shipping method (when the method you've selected is invalid for the destination/date), you may check the "Exclude from Cheapest" checkbox on any such shipping methods. CMS is looking for the cheapest alternative when the method you've selected is not appropriate for the ship-to address (or arrival date) so choosing this option will keep CMS from its cost comparisons - http://screencast.com/t/4EQwfO0RrVr
    • The Package Exceptions feature can be disabled in Order Entry Options>Shipping if desired but we strongly encourage you to get it configured to work properly for you as it can save you a lot of money and improper shipments. Let us know if there are adjustments to this feature that we should consider to make it work better for you.
  • S&H applied per recipient - http://screencast.com/t/yQy3y4vMdlF
  • Remove prompt from label processing in Manifest - http://screencast.com/t/N7ZQHBPGL
  • Add print task 481 to shipment confirmation email in place of task 480 - Example: http://screencast.com/t/mczAmACLDEvE
  • Configure what non-shipping days you have (at least check the boxes for Sat and Sun) - http://screencast.com/t/Faisw8nPW
  • Update Zonedays data to change CMS defaults if/when desired - http://screencast.com/t/dmGefU0Q6w8Z
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