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This article contains information pertinent to customer 56596.


Supported Custom Reports:

Contract Description Title/Filename Title Report#
Accepted COD ReportCODAccepted_Refused.rpt 9001
COD In the Mail COD_InTheMail.rpt 9003
Commission ReportProducts Sold by Operator – Shipped Sales.rpt 9004
Customer Sales ReportProduct Sales Detail – all Products All Customers.rptProduct Sales Detail9005
Daily Cash ReceivedPayments Received by Division.rpt 9006
Mississippi Sales Tax ReportAccounting: MS Taxes Due – Paid Sales.rpt 9007
TV Name List (1)TV New Names_COD.rpt 9008
TV Name List (2)TV New Names_Credit.rpt 9009
Physical Inventory by SectionInvCountByLocation.rpt 9010
PO FormPO_Form_by Date-Vendor.rpt 9011
Product Sales by Price CategoryProduct Sales Summary by Division-CT.rpt 9002
Reorder ReportInventory ReOrder by StockMgr.rpt(old name: Inventory Reorder Paul-Maxie.rpt) 9012
Royalty ReportRoyaltycsv.rpt 9013
Sales By Order SourceAdCode Detail Report.rpt Maxine 9014
Sales Report By DivisionProducts Sold by Division-ShippedSales.rpt 9015

Additional Contracted Reports

Contract Description Title/Filename Title Report#
Inventory Valuation ReportInventoryValuation.rpt
Crystal Invoice – bar codeInvoice1.rpt
Crystal Invoice – no bar codeInvoice2-Acct.rpt
Stock Balance Returns by PeriodBulkReturnsByPeriod.rpt 9020
Stock Balance Return SummaryBulkReturnSummary.rpt 9019
NetAR CreditsNetAR_Credits.rpt 9021
NetAR PaymentsNetAR_Payments.rpt 9022
NetAR SalesNetAR_Sales.rpt 9023
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